Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Can we THRIVE? - the Movie

Is Free Energy Real?

So i finally got around to watching this little documentary called 'THRIVE', and it was pretty good.  I didn't watch it for the longest time because it seemed to be purely about Free Energy, and that it exists, and nothing more.  Which is good to know, but i already knew, so it seemed like a waste to watch for me.  Then eventually i watched it anyways, not just because i was really bored, but also because it's now Free to watch!

Admittedly, i was surprised by the content.  It did cover free every, and a theory on how to produce it; but what really caught my attention was the number of conspiracies this documentary dove head-first into.  Some of the other conspiracies touched on are things that I've touched on here on my blog.  Such as, Aliens and UFOs, Chemtrails, Suppressed Cures for Cancer, and even 9/11 (Which I haven't touched yet, and not sure if i will considering how vast it would be to cover), and of course Free Energy and a conspiracy surrounding it; as well as few other things.

All in all i would say it is well worth the watch, and kind of fun to ponder the possibilities.  Something i always enjoy doing.  Anyways, i don't wish to bog this post down with too much text before the movie, so let's get started!  Hope you Enjoy!

So... what did you think?  Did you like it?  Unless of course you didn't watch it; but that's OK, it's free now so it'll be around when you do want to watch it.

I think if nothing else, the video inspires me to be hopeful.  And that's good enough for me!

Till next time!


  1. I've just skimmed through most of the video. I have been looking into all this the past 2 years. Most of what Ive been discovering in the past few months. Very true. The technology available is not only free energy, but new Health, Transportation, No more water/food shortage, and pollution clean up... I see you posted this in August. So you may be aware of all this. Still looking more into it. So many people out there think this new technology is just another way to get the world in New World Order... very touchy topic :(

  2. Oh, and USA government was approached by a foundation with this, and criminalized any use of this. Unless other nations use it for military forces -.-

    1. Yeah, most things go through the military first. As long as it ends up in the public domain at some point, and hopefully not taxed to death, it would be nice.

      Anyways, I am mostly replying at how great your comments were. I saw them the day you posted them, but I forgot to reply. But thank you very much for them. You clearly know your stuff :)